EP Some Rest

by Smogs & Tacos

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juillet 2014


released July 1, 2014

David(Guitare solo)
Alexandre(Guitare solo)

Photos(Martin Vives)
Conception graphique (Nina Bouchaud)
Enregistré à l'Hesat Recordings avec Jean-Baptiste Calluaud



all rights reserved


Smogs & Tacos Bordeaux, France

The Bordeaux band (FR), was formed in 2009, their material being the compositions of their singer/guitarist. With blues/grunge as a basis, what makes this group stand out is the presence of a cello mixing in with a rock sound full of psychedelic. Between grunge and alternative rock, they occasionally borrow from stoner, trip hop or even rockabilly. ... more

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Track Name: Ghost

Long time been so alone
never knew what was to come
Long so long been on the run
waiting for yhe sun

Then I saw you in the dark
a tractin'me in to you arms
Then I knew that yesterday
was a brand new start.

You've got to call me everyday
You'd better show me the way

You cry like its rain
Track Name: Mirror
One time you told me to fade, Why?
We were face to face, Blind
Put that mask away again my, Mind

Wat did you want at the time?
Wat did you want at the time?

Couplet 2:

Dont call for me anymore
Now you let me fade away
Another reflect on the shore
Of the stream of your decay
Here come strange days on ad on
And you smile....


I wanna leave this cage!
Turn out another page!
I wanna feel the flesh!
Gotta know my age!

• It's like I had no face

Left for me to smile at your killing jokes
No face to smoke you back
Don't you call me fake or I'll break your neck
I'll crush you in a sec.

Wanna leave this cage !

But there's no gate to get through
Feel that my rage is soon
Turn another page and close the book
You let me into, let me into...

I wanna leave this cage!
Turn out another page!
Gotta know my age!
Track Name: Fuck off

A start arace when the morning come
(that) Never stop until I say I'm done
No time to waste or fuck around
No place for fun in the dirty town

(so)No more fairy tales, no more lies
No more race or I'll catch fire
Only got this feeling on my mind
When I come home, just wanna shout : FUCK OFF !

Sun-set on a working day
Streets are kinda changing on my way
See the neons calling me once more
just the blink I was longin' for

(so)No more fairy tales, no more lies
No more race or I'll catch fire
Only got this feeling on my mind
Brand new skin, newborn shout: FUCK OFF !

Babe, come along, I'm gonna show you where
Hey, where I belong when I blow my head
Close to my friends, I'm gonna show you where !

One time, for the boys around,
Two time, for the background,
Three times, for what we've become,
Four lines, what ever may come

I've got no name
not anymore
just drop the day
forget your name

and be yourself again x4

till the morning come x3
till the morning sun...