EP Time Can't Wait

by Smogs & Tacos

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premier EP 4 titres (2011)


released November 4, 2011

merci à Jimmy (enregistrement/mix)
Elise (conception graphique)

David(Guitare solo)
Alexis(Guitare chant)



all rights reserved


Smogs & Tacos Bordeaux, France

The Bordeaux band (FR), was formed in 2009, their material being the compositions of their singer/guitarist. With blues/grunge as a basis, what makes this group stand out is the presence of a cello mixing in with a rock sound full of psychedelic. Between grunge and alternative rock, they occasionally borrow from stoner, trip hop or even rockabilly. ... more

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Track Name: Lost in the blues
You must find a new word,
But on your way you turne around,
When poeple say you can come,
At last moment your are alone;

The whole truth in the stupid gost,
You haunted the world from coast to coast...

Lost in the blues x2

You can't forget who you are,
Your innocence will not come back,
You want to bloom like «a new Rose»
But welcome to the wolf pack...

Before an old man used to show you the way
Now, you must walk near the pain...

Lost in the blues x2

you search again solutions
Escape to find the perfect day
Biterness of generation
Alone with you lat chance...

You want to live in another land..
Track Name: Pleasure explosion
man and power are very close,
die in the shower with the perfect dose,
find somthing, you can destroy
another cause that you enjoy

if we die, together,
I want a pleasure explosion
everytime and ever
I want a pleasure explosion

I dont know why I have to subish, just an other day
I would like to live fare away, but tell me where to go

what is your pleasure again, it's your lucky day
Track Name: Long way
Take is revange
life is short
you can change
by a love shot

It's a long way
It's a long way

to be one's on master
you walk alone

it's a long way
it's a long way

it's time to live on the new road
you must face up to reality
people are crazy where is your victory

You geting pale
you lost control
fear of life
you choose you way

eyes always wild open
twenty for seven

it's a long way
it's long way

you choose you life, you lose
you friends, again ont he run,
the shadow of your, former self...
Track Name: Time can't wait
what a strange, night today,
what a fake smille in your face,
I will go, and you say I will find a place,
I will go and you say Iwill find a place,

Time can't wait